Monthly Archive: June 2020


[un]public spaces and the ethnographic [un]imagination

   Jessica Bradley, University of Sheffield  @JessMaryBradley I’m an ethnographer and my current research (paused for the moment) considers linguistic landscapes (words and images on signs in public space) and young people’s engagements...

Dr. Giuseppe Andò, a Sicilian cardiologist working at the Messina University Hospital 8

The heart of the matter

An interview to a Sicilian cardiologist amidst the coronavirus crisis In Sicily, two months ago, we were experiencing the beginning of the never-before-experienced lockdown and waiting for the deadly virus to come down from...


Arab Omanis and Covid-19

Eradicating a pathogen using a social distancing strategy is a difficult play. But in collectivist Arab societies, where socializing is a moral responsibility and in-group connection and out-group disconnection creates a societal foundation, social...

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