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How has Covid-19 affected my life?

Deedee Levine, born in Brooklyn, New York, 1935, has lived in Syracuse, New York since 1966. She is the widow of historian Joseph M. Levine and mother of Peter Levine of Tufts University and Caroline Levine of Cornell University.  A 1958...


How does a mask mean?

A mask should be an incredibly simple thing – a piece of fabric covering the nose and mouth, tied behind the ears, ideally to stop the transmission of infectious disease. But we all know...

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Play in the Pandemic

Cite this article as: Kate Cowan, “Play in the Pandemic,” in PanMeMic, 26/07/2020, The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on all aspects of life. For children, it’s had major consequences for where,...

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Losses and Gains in Digital Learning

Remote digital learning, where technology-mediated teaching and learning are conducted virtually, has become the rule of engagement in universities and schools today. The pandemic has rendered physical learning, in the form of face-to-face lessons,...


[un]public spaces and the ethnographic [un]imagination

   Jessica Bradley, University of Sheffield  @JessMaryBradley I’m an ethnographer and my current research (paused for the moment) considers linguistic landscapes (words and images on signs in public space) and young people’s engagements...

Dr. Giuseppe Andò, a Sicilian cardiologist working at the Messina University Hospital 8

The heart of the matter

An interview to a Sicilian cardiologist amidst the coronavirus crisis In Sicily, two months ago, we were experiencing the beginning of the never-before-experienced lockdown and waiting for the deadly virus to come down from...


Arab Omanis and Covid-19

Eradicating a pathogen using a social distancing strategy is a difficult play. But in collectivist Arab societies, where socializing is a moral responsibility and in-group connection and out-group disconnection creates a societal foundation, social...


Media tales of touch during Covid

Media tales of touch during Covid By InTouch Over the life of the InTouch project (starting in 2016) we have kept our feelers out for when touch hits the news headlines. While each year...


Stay alert: orchestrations of deceit

I was chatting with a friend last night who is much more numerate than me. He mentioned casually that ‘they’ always use big numbers for the ‘good’ things (commitments to government spending in crisis)...

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Pan + Me + Mic

PanMeMic is the acronym for Pandemic Meaning Making of Interaction and Communication. We like it also because it’s made of Pan + Me + Mic. And it has ‘Meme‘ in it. Pan = ‘all’...

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Join us!

This website is a place for publishing our reflections and starting public forms of conversation with everybody who is interested in gathering and sharing observations on the changes affecting our communications and interactions, in...

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What we want to do

We want to join forces with everybody who is interested in how the pandemicis changing our ways of communicating and interacting – to share reflections,observations, fears and good practices – and to try together...


Who we are

We are a group of semioticians based in different countries worldwide. We studymeaning making, communication and social interaction. Read and see more on who we are here: The Collective   PanMeMicMore Posts

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Here’s PanMeMic – join in

Pandemic Meaning Making of Interaction and Communication We want to start to make meaning of how communication and social interaction is changing in the global pandemic and understand how this will impact our practices...

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