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PanMeMic Interaction and Communication in the Pandemic and Beyond 0

Pan + Me + Mic

PanMeMic is the acronym for Pandemic Meaning Making of Interaction and Communication. We like it also because it’s made of Pan + Me + Mic. And it has ‘Meme‘ in it. Pan = ‘all’...

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Join us!

This website is a place for publishing our reflections and starting public forms of conversation with everybody who is interested in gathering and sharing observations on the changes affecting our communications and interactions, in...

two persons try to reach each other in a foggy meadow, with a coronavirus-shaped bush separating them 1

What we want to do

We want to join forces with everybody who is interested in how the pandemicis changing our ways of communicating and interacting – to share reflections,observations, fears and good practices – and to try together...


Who we are

We are a group of semioticians based in different countries worldwide. We studymeaning making, communication and social interaction. Read and see more on who we are here: The Collective   PanMeMicMore Posts

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Here’s PanMeMic – join in

Pandemic Meaning Making of Interaction and Communication We want to start to make meaning of how communication and social interaction is changing in the global pandemic and understand how this will impact our practices...

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