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Recent Publications from PanMeMic:

Adami, E. and E. Djonov (2022) Everyday acts of social-semiotic inquiry: Insights into emerging practices from the research collective PanMeMic. In S. Tan and M. K. L. E (eds. 2022) Discourses, Modes, Media and Meaning in an Era of Pandemic: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis Approach. London: Routledge, 245-268

Pedrazzini, A., Gualberto, C., Karatza, S., Ghiasian, M. S., & Adami, E. (2023). PanMeMic: Insights from a collective, multimodal research method on changes in communication and interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. In Trends and Challenges in Contemporary Multimodality Studies in International Contexts. Routledge.

Adami, E. (2022) Collective Multimodal Research of Social Interaction in the COVID-19 Pandemic. In F. Serafini Beyond the Visual: An Introduction to Researching Multimodal Phenomena. New York: Teachers College Press, Columbia University, pp.194-197.

Adami, E. (2021) How to make sense of communication and interaction in a pandemic. In R. Jones (ed) Viral Discourse: Doing discourse analysis in the midst of a pandemic. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 74-81

Adami, E., N. Al Zidjaly, G. Canale, E. Djonov, M. S. Ghiasian, C. Gualberto, S. Karatza, F. V. Lim, A. Pedrazzini, J. Pirini, J. Wildfeuer, Y. Zhang (2020) PanMeMic Manifesto: Making meaning in the Covid-19 pandemic and the future of social interaction. Working Papers in Urban Language and Literacies no 273.

Call for Book Chapter Proposals: Edited Volume on COVID-19 and Multimodal Discourse Analysis (MDA)

Sabine Tan:
Marissa K. L. E:

We are working on a proposal for an edited volume on the impact of COVID-19 on representations of meaning from a multimodal discourse analysis (MDA) perspective and would like to invite high quality contributions from interested parties on the following topics in relation to COVID-19 and an MDA perspective:

Political Discourse
News Discourse
Propagande, Disinformation

If you are interested to submit a proposal, please email any one of the editors for more details. Our targeted date for proposal submission is end June 2020. We look forward to your contributions.


Institutional Discourse and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Challenges and

Guest Editors:

Dr. Anne Bannink
Amsterdam Center of Language
and Communication (ACLC),
University of Amsterdam,
Spuistraat 134, 1012VB
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Jet Van Dam
Amsterdam Center of Language
and Communication (ACLC),
University of Amsterdam,
Spuistraat 134, 1012VB
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Message from the Guest Editors
This Special Issue seeks to draw together research from a
variety of theoretical angles and methodological
approaches to the study of institutional discourse data.
These range from, but are not limited to, conversation
analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, pragmatics, (critical)
discourse analysis, ethnography of communication and
linguistic anthropology. We welcome original data-based
research articles, methodological articles, and perspective
articles from researchers investigating the effects of the
Covid-19 epidemic on language use and communication in
a wide range of institutional settings in the field of e.g.
education, medicine, politics, traditional/social media, and

Deadline for abstracts: (1 November 2020)
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 May 2021

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