This is a space for collective research, observation and conversation on how communication and social interaction are changing during the global pandemic, to try to envisage possible futures.

These pandemic times are changing the ways in which we all communicate and interact with others – and this is affecting everybody (similarly and differently) worldwide.

We are a group of semioticians based in different countries worldwide. We study meaning making, communication and social interaction. You can see the members of the founding team here: The Collective

This website is a place for publishing our reflections and starting forms of conversation with everybody who is interested in gathering and sharing observations on the changes affecting our communications and interactions, as well as how people cope with these changes.

We want to reflect on and assess these changes, to start thinking about the implications for the future. By mapping what we gain and what we lose in the way we communicate and interact with others, we can trace the opportunities and possibilities as well as the dangers and threats. We can try to share and promote good practices and policies, to minimize risks for the future of social interactions, and design new and better futures.

Join our conversations by adding a comment on the posts of this website and on social media: see Contacts

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