Pan + Me + Mic

PanMeMic Interaction and Communication in the Pandemic and Beyond

PanMeMic is the acronym for

Pandemic Meaning Making of Interaction and Communication.

We like it also because it’s made of Pan + Me + Mic. And it has ‘Meme‘ in it.

Pan = ‘all’ in ancient Greek. We want to touch upon all spheres and domains of communication and social interaction during this pandemic and we want to do it worldwide.

‘Pan’ comes with ‘Me’, and ‘Mic’ because we want this website and our social media to be a means to give everybody the chance to share their reflections, observations, fears, creativity, hopes and frustrations on how the pandemic is affecting their and others’ communication and forms of social interactions.

Each of us will contribute – and each of us will help the others be heard. We want to join forces and gather the strengths of our collective knowledge and experiences

It’s also meant to be a ‘Memic’ movement as we want this initiative to be positively contagious – and we want to have fun while doing it!

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